Wind and Sun Protection Inc.

Wind & Sun Protection Inc.'s wind fences are designed and crafted to withstand even the strongest winds. A combination of their unique knitted (not woven) netting pattern and polyurethane material sets Wind and Sun Protection INC.'s wind fences apart from the rest with higher standards of material quality and installation procedures. Considering a Wind & Sun Protection Inc. product for your needs? 

Wind and Sun Info Guide

  • icon Wind Control
  • icon Dust Control
  • icon Odor Control
  • icon Litter Control
image Wind Control Enjoy your property without the wind. Learn How
image Dust Control Protect your product. Keep dust in it's place. Learn How
image Odor Control Stop the wind that carries the smell. Learn How
image Litter Control Keep litter and debris from leaving the site. Learn How


Protect valuable stockpiles of product and reduce the negative effects of dust.


Install a wind fence to prevent litter and debris from blowing off site and help keep surrounding areas clean.


Keep job sites safe and neighbours happy by using wind fences on land and road development projects.

Farms & Acreages

Protect your livestock, crops and help to reduce odors by installing our effective wind fences.

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  • Case Study No. 3

Case Study - Land Development

Local residents were complaining of excessive dust and debris from a nearby road construction job site. Our wind fences were the answer to keeping the peace.

Case Study - Mining

A mine was receiving complaints from a neighbouring town about excessive dust. Our wind fences provided the protection and peace of mind that they both needed.

Case Study - Landfills/Recycling

A local landfill was experiencing blowing litter and debris which was very displeasing to the neighbours. Our portable wind fences offered a convenient and effective solution for litter control.

  • R.A. "Ray" Juska - Testimonial +

    During the planning process for development of a regional landfill at a highly visible location NW of Brooks litter management was a major concern. Local winds are subject to sudden shifts in direction with hourly speeds up to 70km/h and with gusts past 90 [...] We have tried a variety of windbreak materials such as wood and plastic planks and plastic snow fence and have had the best success with plastic mesh supplied by Wind & Sun Protection Inc..
  • Lee Beaser - Testimonial +

    Wind and Sun Protection Ltd. has installed numerous wind fences for us around different sites throughout Southern Alberta. These fences are for the control of debris and wind around the transfer stations. We have had great success with the fences and find them to be a great addition to our current litter fences.
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